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Parish Office:
18 Third Street, Glen Cove, New York 11542

Parish Office - (516) 676-2482 Fax: (516) 676-2117

Each year tens of thousands of people come to St. Rocco’s Parish in Glen Cove to experience “The Best Feast in the East”. They come from hundreds of miles away to taste our famous sausage and pepper sandwiches and the many delicious meals lovingly prepared in our Pasta Restaurant where homemade pasta, meatballs, tripe, eggplant and many other mouth watering Italian specialties are served. In addition, there is a wide variety of food vendors offering an assortment of delicious eats that are guaranteed to satisfy the most discerning palates.

If you are still not full, you can stroll over to the Pastry Pavilion where delicious Italian pastries, Belgium waffles, espresso, cappuccino, homemade ice cream and much more are served under the stars while live, nightly entertainment fills the air with music and dance and where friends, family and strangers alike come to enjoy and admire the beauty of St. Rocco Plaza.

Our family-friendly midway has many thrilling and fun-filled rides and games for children of all ages. Benches are provided throughout the midway for parents to relax as their children enjoy the many rides and games that are available. There are prizes for everyone! Additionally, our craft vendors sell a full variety of items for your shopping pleasure. If you enjoy games of chance, exciting Bell Jar, 50/50 daily raffles and a whopping $20,000 Cash Raffle is yours for the taking.

Masses are held 7:30 am Monday thru Friday. On Saturday, there is a 4:00 pm Mass. Folks can also participate in religious prayer services and Recitation of the Holy Rosary on various evenings.

The traditional Procession of Saint Rocco, our Patron Saint, follows the 10:15 am Family Mass on Sunday. The statue of St. Rocco is carried throughout the streets of the community. During the course of the Procession, we visit the sick and homebound and our Pastor blesses them with the relic of St. Rocco. Medals are distributed, songs are sung and prayers are recited throughout the entire Procession. Many of those who wish to express their devotion to Saint Rocco follow barefoot and fasten monetary offerings to the Saint. The entire neighborhood participates by providing cold drinks and spiritual support to the many men, woman and children who take part in the 3-hour Procession.

Finally, and most important of all, is the Church of St. Rocco as the centerpiece for this wonderful celebration. This beautiful Church is a great sanctuary for those who want to refresh their souls and pray for their special intentions. Candles can be lit to one of the many Saints in our Chapel of the Saints.

You won’t want to forget to say hello to Fr. Elias Mathew Carr, Pastor of The Church of St. Rocco. This dedicated, caring man truly represents what The Church of St. Rocco and its people stand for.


Saint Rocco Feast

The Feast
Events At The Feast
Visiting The Church
Saint Rocco's History
Photo Gallery


The Feast
Events At The Feast
Visiting The Church
Saint Rocco's History
Photo Gallery

"How To visit the Church of Saint Rocco":
Maintain a proper environment in the church; whereby one can pray and find silence. The feast after all is a celebration of faith, family and fun. Yet the fun can also be tiring because of the noise, the heat and the crowds. Therefore, the church needs to be an oasis of peace where one can take a break from the fun outside to restore inner tranquility.

Think of it this way: we are constantly bombarded with offers that demand our attention. We are drawn in many directions at once. This leads to a sense of fragmentation and loss of purpose and meaning. Silence, on the other hand, lends itself to unification and recollection – putting the pieces back together into a whole (i.e., holiness). If you have never had the experience of a room full of people who are silent, then we must make possible this experience at Saint Rocco because it is one of profound peace and unity.

Peace and unity, of course, are signs of the Kingdom of God and anticipations of the eternal life to which we are called. These are also powerful testimonials to those who do not share our faith. When we exhibit peace and unity in a world of violence, division and conflict, we point to the deep truth of reality, we point to God present in our world and operative in our lives.

How to Visit the Church of Saint Rocco during the Feast of Saint Rocco

1.) Respect the Holiness of the Church -
This is God's Temple - a House of Prayer.

2.) Observe Silence-
Show respect for God and those who seek His peace.
Only speak when absolutely necessary.

3.) Sign of the Cross -
Bless yourself with Holy Water as you enter & recite the prayer,
In the Name of the Fatherů

4.) Genuflect when you enter the Pew -
By this act, you worship God & recall His Real Presence in the Tabernacle.

5.) Kneel-
Take in the silence, the stillness & the coolness of the air; behold the art, the saints, & other people in prayer.

6.) Experience unity -
Feel profound peace as you sense re- integration and recollection, away from the noise, sounds, and spectacles outside, toward oneness, union and wholeness.

7.) Invoke the Holy Spirit -
Let the Spirit guide you.

8.) Count your blessings -
Think about all the good things God has done for you. Thank Him. Be grateful.

9.) Ask God for your needs -
Speak to Him as an intimate friend. He wants to help, but he will not impose on you.

10.) Listen -
Hear God's reply to you.

11.) Glorify Him -
Give God glory for His love and care for you, and resolve to honor Him everyday in yours words and deeds.

12.) Participate in Liturgies -
See the schedule above: "The Liturgical & Devotional Program for the Feast of Saint Rocco"

13.) Kneel at the Altar Rail -
Tell Jesus of your love for Him.

14.) Take a Rosary -
Learn to honor Our Lady by this prayer.(Praying The Rosary)

15.) Visit Saint Rocco -
Ask for his intercession.
(Saint Rocco: History & Prayers)

16.) Light a votive candle -
Pray for someone. (The Prayers Page)

17.) Visit the Saints -
Read the prayers; ask for their help.
(History Of The Saints), (The Saints In Our Church)

18.) Genuflect when you leave the Church.

19.) Pick up something to read -
Learn more about God.
(Liturgy Search Board), (Visit The Vactican Home page)

20.) Enjoy the Feast - Faith, Family & Fun.

--Father Elias--


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